The Operation(s) of Paradigms Are Simple

If one studies paradigm changes they find that the actual operation(s) that effects the paradigm change itself is always simple. The inversion of the positions of the earth and the sun, Nomadic existence to homesteading/urbanization, Debt Only to monetary gifting. It’s just that, that particular operation is so profound that it cuts through most of the theretofore seemingly necessary complexities and false orthodoxies. Reforms are complex, shallow and reversible operations. Paradigm changes are simple, deep and permanently progressive ones.

Considering that the paradigm of Debt Only has been in affect for the entire history of human civilization the new one of monetary gifting is of paramount importance. That we don’t see it and act upon it is telling. And as I write this Notre Dame cathedral burns as people spectate and firefighters cannot reach it. How emblematic of modern civilization’s unconsciously dis-integrative state.


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