Economics and Religion: Complementary

Wisdom/Religion and economics are complementary studies in that the one is about philosophy/thought and the other about policy/action. What they both require is their integration. Faith without works/acts is dead, and wealth without ethics is equally deadening and leads to preoccupation with power rather than love and its active form known as grace which is the object of the truly balanced mind.

Wisdom/Religion is all about everything causitive you create in your self and economics is what forces us to direct the majority of our time, effort and attention in the temporal universe. An economics truly based on and aligned with spirituality is the next major paradigm change for humanity and will finally close the circle that has kept mankind less than consciously whole and unable to maintain the interactive and integrative state known as grace.

Let us have a Wisdomics-Gracenomics which finally and truly integrates ethics into economics and builds the bridge upon which mankind finally exits its troubled adolescence and fulfills its true species designation, homo sapiens sapiens, wise and discerning man.


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