Chaos and Grace

What if chaos is actually the utterly integrative, interactive nature/state of grace of the cosmos pointed at and directly experienced by the individual without abstraction as the world’s wisdom traditions claim? And the remaining aspects of which science has not (yet) affirmed due to an overhang of its bias against anything smacking of religion (understandably), but (incorrectly and stupidly) invalidated because natural philosophy/spirituality are NATURAL mental processes?

Despite and because of randomness grace IS the state of the cosmos because the cosmos is everything including seeming opposites….completely and continuously integrated. And one’s point of view on that fact is the only thing that arbitrates whether that is true for you or false.

Align economic philosophy and monetary policy with the multitudinous and imminently applicable aspects of wisdom and its pinnacle concept of grace or suffer the consequences.

After all, “It’s not nice to fool mother nature.”


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