Exchange With A Social Crediter 03/10/2019

JS:  I’ll stick to learning actual Social Credit, which is based in science and math, as you state.  It’s more connected to reality.

Me:  Which is more real the temporal/physical universe or the universe of ideas and consciousness? The answer is the broadest integration of the truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations of both…..and with that integration is neither side of that duality, but a thirdness greater oneness…which is the definition of the concept and experience of grace.

If it works as the Christian Trinity it works as the trinity-unity-oneness-process of the temporal universe….that the economy is inextricably embedded within and in order for it to flow freely as the classical economists envisioned we must match that abundant reality not quibble over it with mere and arbitrary mathematical or scientistic considerations.
JT:  You could make the same argument about ‘profit’.  And using that argument believe that it’s more cost effective to have a Company ‘vertically integrated’ , and performing each stage of the whole production /distribution process itself, right from raw material to retailing the finished product.
Me:  Some of the signatures of imminent need for re-integration are false equivocation, confusion, obsessive contention, the hardening of dueling dualistic orthodoxies, refusal/inability to act, caution even in the face of obvious advance. I’m sorry, you guys dramatize every one of these.

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