Grace As In A Direct and Reciprocal Relationship

Grace is a direct and reciprocal loving relationship. This is the crux of why grace is so powerful. If a person has a strong, secure and healthy enough relationship with themself and/or another they will survive and thrive. It’s the relationship, the two way communication, the touching and being touched back, the fulfillment that comes from that experience that matters most; and that enables a further development of its dynamically interactive, integratively freeing and sustaining relationship.
Grace is love in action for and toward oneself and others. If you can grasp that and build on it a little everyday, you’re golden. Even if you’ve got or have had a zillion cholla cacti sticking/stuck in you. Even if you’re fat or have a wart on your nose.
And reflectively, if we all had monetary grace as in the lovingly granted and secure, direct and reciprocal relationship of a monthly $1000 dividend and a 50% discount at the point of retail sale in addition to what we made via employment….continually dramatized before us every day…..just how great and good could life and living be….and become?
The power of grace as in an actively loving relationship.
Look at it. See it. And build on it.

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