Irony Is a Signature of Paradigm Change…and Spirituality.

The irony of the 50% discount/rebate policy is that it compels business models to accept the prosperously freeing doubling of potential business revenue it creates or go out of business because if you don’t “opt in” you have to get 100% of your best competitive price while their competition who does opt in only has to get 50% of their price from the consumer. It also enables them to completely cut their costs from all transfer taxation making it even more difficult to greedily raise their prices because if your costs are cut and you still raise your prices and your competition cuts their prices even more because of their cost savings….how much maket share are you likely to lose???  Irony is a signature of paradigm change, and of spirituality. All of the signatures of the former are elucidated in my book.

The ultimate freedom of the personal experience of grace is always available if one simply embraces it and self actualizes it, but you have to make that choice. Choosing the beatific ethical chains of grace is the ultimate sanity.

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