Populism and Power Versus Grace As In Love In Action

Historically, populism has usually been a set of demagogued issues or non-issues by a politically ambitious leader with a third rate intellect who often lacks a refined sense of ethics. That describes Trump “to a T”. There are exceptions where the issues have at least some value and the leaders are less dangerously demagogic, however the true test of any political, social or economic movement is whether its leaders and followers have personal reality on the experience of grace as in love in action instead of only faith in the abstractions that build up around it. Hence populism like nearly every other political and economic movement of whatever name have always tended to fall into obsessive contentiousness and reactionary half truthfulness. The two most sucessful social and political movements of modern history were Ghandi’s satyagraha and MLK’s non-violent civil rights who admired Ghandi. SAtyagraha or “holding onto truth with non-violence” is an expression of grace as in love in action.


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