Graciously Direct Monetary Distributism: If Retail Sale Is The Terminal Ending Point Of All Costs For The Entire Economic/Actually Productive Process…

then finance that imposes additional costs post retail sale….cannot be a legitimate private business model.  That doesn’t mean loans are illegitimate or that profit is economically wrong or illegitimate, but it does mean that loans at interest, that is, additional cost post retail sale, are illegitimate.

In other words private for profit finance is not a legitimate economic/actually productive business model.

C. H. Douglas’ A + B theorem missed this distinction and Steve Keen’s recent recognition that when the rate of change in debt decreases the economy will enter recession unless it continues to go back up is a nascent recognition of the illegitimacy of for profit finance.

This doesn’t mean that the economy can’t continue to “tread water” and avoid recession by increasing the rate of flow of debt, it can, but such “dynamic imbalance” even with 0% interest is inevitably and ultimately unsustainable.

So why countenance this destabilizing and illegitimate business model? Why palliate the problem? Why not make finance a sovereign government function that indeed serves both a profit making economy of direct distributism and mankind by decreasing individual’s and commercial entity’s costs….instead?????????? That would be neither capitalism nor socialism….nor communism, but the profit making system of Graciously Direct Monetary Distributism.

Monetary grace as in gifting is not only the new paradigm of economics and finance….grace as in serving rather than manipulating mankind with finance is the new economic, monetary and financial ethic/zeitgeist.


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