Science, Wisdom, Paradigm Perception: Their Processes and Integration

It is virtual certainty that pre-scientific parochial religions are not literally true. It is also evident to any genuine philosopher and person interested in self awareness/consciousness itself that science has become a religion with many if not most who claim the title of scientists. This is partly a cultural problem and probably partly a personal one as the mindset of science tends to habituate mental fragmentation while wisdom/consciousness raising is a holistic process, and it is difficult to deal with one’s cultural roots.

The fact is that wisdom/consciousness raising at its best is an integratively dual process utilizing both the scientific and wisdom perspectives. In fact this integrative nature of both the wisdom process and paradigm perception are exactly the same process. The one personal and general, the other temporal and specific.

Science and religion will conflict or fail to be thoroughly integrated. There is no necessary conflict between science and spirituality.


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