RE: Pensions and The New Paradigm

KZ:  Why can’t a worker have both? A defined benefits pension provided entirely by the employer that provides a known and fixed (adjusted for inflation) annual amount for the worker’s entire life span. The pension would be guaranteed by the federal government. And a defined contributions plan (offered at several levels of contributions) in which 50% of contributions come from the employer and 50% from the workers. The income from this plan would continue till saved funds are exhausted. Together these provide a basic and non-ending income for the worker, while providing supplemental funds to help in the purchase of big items.

Me:  They COULD have a defined benefit “pension” for their entire adult life with a $1000/mo. universal dividend that with a 50% discount at retail sale enabled them to purchase $2000/mo worth of goods and services. Furthermore, if we implemented a non-profit publicly administered national banking system and extended the 50% discount/rebate policy to the point of note creation they could purchase big ticket items like a $300k house reduced to $150 k at retail sale….to $75 k at 0% interest at note signing…because a non-profit banking system does not need to make a profit and creates money , like we do now, ex nihilo, so they can just reduce it by half or whatever percentage is decided upon….and no one suffers and everyone benefits because the system now serves man instead of man having to slavishly serve the system. Nice huh?



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