Posted To RWER Blog 12/28/2018

I also agree with much of what Geoff says here. Economists are only fair “bean counters” because they’re almost entirely caught up in theoretical and mathematical abstraction. Hence they neglect to look directly at the day to day operations of commerce and perceive powerful information to be found there. They’re superior gatherers of data due to the fact that science is the currently overwhelming paradigm for inquiry, but almost completely unconscious of the superior human mental discipline of wisdom (not religious dogma) of which the scientific method is an integral part. This makes them poor new paradigm perceivers because their minds are almost entirely immersed in and directed by that current paradigm for inquiry, and unfortunately this mental inability is almost wholly transferred to the study of economics.

The truth is wisdom is both philosophically and ethically high and yet completely pragmatically grounded in temporal reality. That is in fact a good definition of wisdom.There’s an entire book of the Bible called Proverbs (and these snippets of wisdom of course exist in other wisdom traditions, again dogmatism is the antithesis of wisdom) that express psychologically valid and long observed pragmatic solutions to human and systemic problems. Reading them can be like having a graciously ascending and deepening flow of personal and temporal cognitions, and doing such is the very process of developing new paradigm perception because like the character of a paradigm one learns to see both conceptual essence and how it fits within and can transform a pattern.

Economics has a crying need for a new paradigm. Wisdomics-Gracenomics is the philosophically and ethically high and pragmatically grounded theory of the new monetary, financial and economic paradigm of Abundant Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.


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