Signatures of Paradigm Changes Past and Present

Garden variety inflation is seemingly under control at rates of 2-4% by the fact that competition between agents of business models keeps it there. This is not much of a victory if you’re one of the 95% whose wages have stagnated for the last 40 years or so. All of the falderall of Keynesian and other theorizing deciphers this via examination of the minutiae of a portion of the complexity within the current paradigm. There’s nothing scientifically or methodically wrong with this of course it’s simply that it’s an extremely slow and non- resolving exercise around which no one can seem to craft a policy to effectively address the “insight”.

An example of this is Steve Keen’s re-discovery of the cost inflationary nature of the economic system because we’re stuck between the rock of ever increasing debt service costs and the hard place of recession or depression because (for some reason) we must abide by the monopolistic cost inflationary effects of finance’s paradigm of Debt/Burden/Additional Costs Only.

If economists would attend to the signatures of imminent and accomplished historical paradigm changes things would become much more clear and enlightening and the policy solutions would present themselves.

For instance here is a side by side reflective comparison of the signatures of imminent and historical paradigm changes and the present one in economics and how the solutions were accomplished

The Catholic Church/Private Banking dominatedly enforces participation in and absolution via the sacraments/the paradigm of Debt/Burden/Additional Debt Cost. The laity/individuals and commercial agents object to this dominance and declare that a direct relationship between themselves and God/direct and reciprocal monetary gifting be allowed and integrated into the digital debt based money system and so replace the primacy and end the monopolistic domination by the church’s/private finance’s paradigm and structural power.

Ptolemaic Cosmology Terra-centric viewpoint and Copernican Helio-centrism/Finance’s paradigm of Debt/Burden/Additional Cost and direct and reciprocal monetary gifting are in conceptual opposition. The invention of the telescope as a tool and the discovery of the ellipse/the inversion of abstract thinking to direct looking at the moment to moment operations of the economy leads to the re-discovery of the significance and power of the point of retail sale for monetary policy effect and enables the inversion of the positions of the earth and the sun/inverts the the systemic reality of austerity and individual monetary scarcity to abundance with the reciprocal policy of a discount/rebate policy.


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