Opening Statement and Talk To Businessmen/Students

Show of hands…how many times have you gone to Fry’s or Wal Mart or wherever and bought say $100 worth of groceries, paid your tax and when you got home you got a call from the retail grocer and they said, “Sorry we have to have another $40-50 for those groceries you just bought.” No one, right? Why? Because the point of retail sale is the terminal ending point of the entire economic/productive process. It’s where production becomes consumption. And if possession is 90% of the law, I guarantee you consumption is 99.999% of economics, and the above fact demonstrates the economic significance of what I refer to as the triple power point of retail sale.

Virtually all economists are off in three times removed from present time reality, abstract theorizing about the economy. Consequently they have not focused on the day to day operations of commerce and hence have missed some simple but utterly significant truths about the economic process.

I’m here to enlighten you about those overlooked truths and show you how a simple…but not simplistic…and elegantly powerful set of policies accomplishes a paradigm change in finance, money systems and economics.

Lets call this the economy, the economic process. It starts here with ore being taken out of the ground to produce something, or a service business starts. There are all manner of business models on this process or adjacent to it (point around line) which nudge the process along and add their costs and prices to whatever is produced and finally sold here, the point of retail sale.  Now there is a convention in cost accounting which is always enforced and that convention is that all costs must go into price. So that means that retail sale, which is the terminal ending point for every consumer item or service, must also be the terminal summing point for total costs and prices including capital costs, depreciation and profit….for all consumer items and services. By definition of it being the ending point of the entire economic process it must also be the terminal expression point for all forms of inflation. In other words after you purchase an everyday consumer item there can be no more further inflation of its price as I helped you see at the start of this talk. Retail sale is where production becomes consumption. It’s the ending, summing and terminal expression point for all economic factors. That’s why I call it the triple power point of retail sale. It’s an ending, fulcrum and pivoting point from which the entire monetary, financial and economic systems can be moved into and accomplish the new paradigm by the correct policy, and that policy is a 33-50% discount/rebate at retail sale. Now I’m sure many of you are already saying, “What if the businesses along the entire economic process inflate their prices? Okay, but consider this:

#1  What if that businesses’ competitors are smarter than they are and do not inflate? Rapidly it’s bye-bye market share. Not to mention the sanctions the inflating business will face with the correct and understandable new regulations that the new paradigm and any theory requires…because the world is not an entirely rational or ethical place.

#2  Even if they do inflate, garden variety price inflation must remain in the low single digits because competition thankfully is still a reality within and between business models. Hence the discount/rebate policy will still increase everyone’s purchasing power by a large percentage and also still “miraculously” integrate price deflation beneficially into profit making systems…because the discount/rebate policy is 33-50%. And by the way, hyperinflations do not occur without specific and disastrous circumstances occurring first like almost total destruction of the means of production by a total war and a compliant and unethical central bank leveraging up speculators who then attempt to short the currency. The former can of course has not occurred here and can be avoided, and the latter will not be allowed to happen with the regulations of the new paradigm declaring any attempt to do so “null and void”.

Now, along with the discount/rebate policy at retail sale that beneficially integrates price deflation into profit making systems there is another policy that will be implemented, and that is a universal dividend of $1500/mo. from the time one turns 18 and continuing until the end of one’s life.

Businessmen, listen up. The combination of these two policies will enable all transfer taxation for welfare, un-employment insurance and even quite quickly for social security to be eliminated. Why? Because if everyone 18 and older is guaranteed at least $2000/mo., that is $1500 plus at least a 33% discount at retail sale which comes out to $2000/mo. of potential purchasing power….all such transfer taxes immediately become redundant and un-necessary. And of course individuals who pay these taxes as well will have a very nice raise when they are eliminated.

So you have a more than doubling of incomes and concomitant potential more than doubling of business revenue plus the cost savings from the elimination of transfer-re-distributive taxes.

Now I want to give you some numbers that show exactly how beneficial these policies will be for all agents individual and commercial.

Individually everyone 18 and old will have at least $2000/mo. of potential purchasing power or $24,000/yr. guaranteed. That immediately ends poverty AND the need for almost the entirety of the welfare bureaucracy. A two adult household will make $48,000/yr. If both adults have only part time jobs making $20,000/yr. that is $40,000 plus 33.3% which is $53,320 from employment and $48,000 from the dividend or $101,320/yr. of potential purchasing power. Not bad huh? With full time jobs of course that final number goes up considerably more.

Students? You get $24,000/yr while you’re going to school. Get a part time job of 16 hrs./week at $8/hr. and you’ll have another $1024/mo. of potential purchasing power or $3024/mo. That would enable you to go to all but the most expensive schools, make a monthly payment for tuition (and remember tuition will be discounted at least 33.3%) rent an apartment, and support yourself and not have 50-$75,000 of student debt hanging around your neck for the next 10-15 years before you can get on with your lives. These policies are all upside.

Businessmen? When was the last time any economist or politician was able to more than double the available business revenue for your goods or services…with a single policy? Who ever totally eliminated your transfer taxes and greatly reduced your redistributive income tax costs with only two policies?

The third major aspect of Wisdomics-Gracenomics is creating a publicly administered national banking system that distributes all of the dividend and discount/rebate monies and loans at 0% interest and a central bank that creates all new money. Finally, the point of note making becomes the new terminal ending point of the economic process for home mortgages, autos, especially battery powered and hybrid vehicles, furnishings, battery and solar energy systems and other “big ticket” green purchases and thus a 50% discount/rebate can reduce such purchases even further. For instance a $200K house reduced by 50% at retail sale to $100K is reduced another 50% to $50K at note signing. Wisdomics-Gracenomics ends the money system’s enslaving paradigm and makes it serve humanity…not the other way around.

Rebuttals to mistaken/irrelevant critiques

Everybody Will Become Lazy

#1   Don’t let those who profit unbelievably greatly from the monopolisitic power to create money snow distract you….money itself isn’t going to make you either unhappy or happy. Happiness is ENTIRELY A SEPARATE PROCESS THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY YOU MAKE OR DO NOT MAKE.

The real question you need to ask yourself is: Would I rather have a secure level of income and the time to work on being a good and happy individual, or would I rather be continually stressed largely because I didn’t have that secure level of income…and still have to make myself a good and happy individual?

There are a lot of unhappy wealthy people and way too many unhappy unwealthy people. So don’t be stupid and not make your self happy…..and whatever you do don’t fall for the self interested nonsense of the financial elite that more money will make you unhappy. MONEY HAS NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH YOUR UNHAPPINESS….ONLY YOU DO. 

So instead be wise, embrace guaranteed relative wealth with Wisdomics-Gracenomics that will enable you to fill your expanded leisure time with positive and constructive purposes….which is the key to both personal virtue and personal happiness.

You’re Just Changing From Private To Public Problems

#2  Yes, public control of money creating power is also corruptible….unless that money system and economy is guided and regulated by an unimpeachable ethical concept like grace as in benevolence and gifting. And with that guiding concept it is simply Occam’s Razor to have a single national monetary agent to deal with rather than a herd of conflicted private enterprises with a monopoly on credit creation and a paradigm of Debt/Burden/Additional Cost.

It’s inflationary

#3   It cannot be inflationary because the policy is only implemented at the very end of the economic process and only when a sale actually takes place.  Also, garden variety inflation is forced to be a smallish single digit percentage by competition and the high costs of modern economies, and hyper-inflation can only happen under certain drastic circumstances like the destruction of productive ability by war and an unethical central bank that allows currency speculators to leverage up and short the currency, and both of those can be avoided by good planning and diplomacy and common sense ethical regulation.

How do you know it’s a new paradigm?

#4  A paradigm change progresses and transforms everything, but at the same time fits seamlessly within all but obviously destructive or conflicting present structures in the area within which the paradigm takes place.

Show how it accomplishes the signatures of paradigm change.

The Banks and Monied Intersts will never let it happen

That’s just dramatizing the great Japanese military strategist’s most insightful observation: Convince the enemy (you) that they cannot possibly win….and you’ll never have to go to war.


My Wisdomics-Gracenomics integrates and completes the cutting edge heterodox reseach and theories of Steve Keen, Michael Hudson, MMT and Social Credit. It accomplishes the new paradigm with its policies, structural changes and regulations. It greatly benefits all agents individual and commercial. It IS the answer, finally, in the economy and money system.

Please join with me in the mass movement to create this new paradigm. Tell others about this good news, make this video go viral and please go to my ebook site for plain language explanations and illustrations of these policies, and please also go to my Patreon site and pledge a dollar or ten to enable me to give these free talks and make this incredibly beneficial new paradigm a reality for us all.

Thank you.


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