Don’t Let Those Who Profit Unbelievably Greatly From The Sole Power to Create Money Snow You….

….money itself isn’t going to make you either unhappy or happy. Happiness is ENTIRELY YOUR SEPARATE RESPONSIBILITY.

All you have to ask yourself is: Would I rather have a secure level of income and the time to work on being a good and happy individual, or would I rather be continually stressed largely because I didn’t have that secure level of income…and still have to make myself a good and happy individual?

There are a lot of unhappy wealthy people and way too many unhappy unwealthy people. So don’t be stupid and not make your self happy…..and whatever you do don’t fall for the self interested nonsense of finance that money will make you unhappy.

Instead be wise, embrace guaranteed relative wealth with Wisdomics-Gracenomics that will enable you to fill your expanded leisure time with positive and constructive purposes….which is the key to both personal virtue and personal happiness.


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