The Problem and The Solution

It seems to me that economists have become caught in their abstractions so thoroughly that they are unable or unwilling to look directly at the everyday operations of the economy and so perceive the significances embodied in the ending point of the economic process where production becomes consumption at retail sale. Macro-economics thus flounders around attempting to discover insight in the complexities of the economy instead of recognizing how simple and yet powerfully effective a single monetary policy is in its ability to reverse the problematic realities of systemic austerity and individual aggregate income scarcity that economists all desire to change.

It has taken an individual not formally trained in economics who has yet studied both the current leading edge macro theorists and one who almost a century ago started a world wide movement extolling the basic policy framework to be implemented at retail sale, to see the problem as a whole; an individual who having an interest in both science and the world’s wisdom traditions was able to perceive the relevant philosophical alignments and reflectivities in quantum theory, human consciousness and economics and so has innovated, extended and integrated those policies into a coherent whole that resolves both the problems of modern economies and brings a more integrative perspective to temporal and individual reality as well. That is Wisdomics-Gracenomics, and the thesis of The Cosmic Code.



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