Question: Why does austerity appear to be so necessary to neo-liberal economists, and why despite their disdain for that austerity do leading edge heterodox economists still concern themselves about injecting too much money into the economy?

Answer: Fear of inflation, and lack of insight about how to create a better alternative to commercial decision makers, trapped in a monetarily austere system, raising their prices when they perceive more money coming into the system.

So if you can devise a policy that SIGNIFICANTLY reduces prices at retail sale which is both the end point of the entire economic process for every consumer item, the summing point for all costs and so prices for same and, as it is the ending point of the economic process where production becomes consumption must be the terminal expression point for any inflation as well….then you’ll have resolved the problem of inflation….and even made deflation beneficial in profit making systems. Of course you’ll need a set of taxations and regulations that encourage economic virtues and discourage economic vices throughout the entire economic process to keep the system stable, but what is theorizing for after all.

Let us create not only a New Deal, but an Abundantly Freeing New Deal for both the individual and commercial agents. A New Deal that ends the “too expensive” nature of present finance and enables us to easily finance the necessary ecological research and innovation the planet requires. We’re way to close to a crisis at midnight not to think and act boldly.


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