Crucial Exchange On RWER Blog 11/04/2018

TA:  The digital EPM vil have value and be accepted in transactions since it may be used to pay taxes — one EPM counting as one euro.

Me: Trond,

A nation’s present currency pays for taxes. Why create an additional one when, with the strategic implementation of the policies of the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting, you can resolve the deepest and most chronic problems of modern economies.

We see the beginnings of part of the awakening to the new paradigm in ideas such as “a modern debt jubilee”, 5 Star’s dividend, QE for the People, MMT’s assertion that direct funding by government is the actual reality in fiat money systems and that money is essentially accounting. Now all economists need to do in order to integrate all of these insights is look directly at the operations of commerce and cognite on the incredible mathematical significance and paradigm changing effects of a discount/rebate monetary policy at the point of retail sale. The abundant relatively high percentage discount/rebate at retail sale is the invention of the telescope and discovery of the ellipse of economic theory.

JV:  Ah, the old MMT shibboleth that gives value to that part of the “money supply” that’s paid in taxes. What about the other half to two thirds? Why not simply hold that money is valuable because it allows one to legally appropriate the output of others in exchange for ones own? At least the position of taxes supporting military expenses won’t need to be defended as being valuable.

Me: It’s not a shibboleth that sovereignty/order/ethics is an essential aspect of human interaction. If the government isn’t sovereign….why would powerful corporations and individuals bother to pay their taxes?

When you can integrate the apparently opposing aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace like benevolence and sovereignty with the policies I advocate….you know you’re on to something truly profound….like a breakthrough discernment that brings resolving wisdom to economics and the money system.


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