New Wisdomics-Gracenomics Agenda

The $1000/mo. Dividend and 50% Discount/Rebate policies for consumer goods and services will remain in force for 10 years. People will be encouraged to work at least part time for this entire period. After the ten year period the Dividend will probably be increased and the Retail Discount/Rebate policy for everyday consumer goods may be reduced by at least half to 25%.

The 50% Discount/Rebate for notes for homes and for other “big ticket items” like autos, especially for electrical ones, will continue to be the new end of the productive process and will not be reduced in percentage

Discouraging taxation and regulations will remain in force for non-legitimate price increases (those made without actual overall cost increases), and tax and regulatory incentives will also remain for competitiveness and innovation.

A Green agenda will continue to be encouraged in every way especially for research into being able to do/produce more with less resources and energy usage. Green infrastructure will be a top part of the agenda and intelligently financed.

The National Banking System with 0% interest loans will remain in perpetuity.

The Dividend and Discount/Rebate policies will become amendments to the Constitution.



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