From Financialization of The Economy To Its Re-Retailization Via The New Paradigm

DSGE Macro-economics has not only become an obscuration of the monetary nature of the economy, it has also become a justification of private finance, its money creating powers and the paradigm of Debt Only.

Until macro-economics’ realizes that it was born into the over 5000 year old domination of economics by the paradigm of Debt Only as the sole means and vehicle for the creation and distribution of credit/money it will either miss the entire point (Neo-liberal DSGE) or splash around on the surface of this paradigmatic insight with the palliative reforms of extremely erudite people like Steve Keen, Michael Hudson and the various advocates of MMT.

Only the realization of the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting, its primacy over Debt Only, the significance of the triple power point of retail sale and monetary policies implemented at that point will actually resolve the problem and complete the theories and insights of the above individuals. The answer to the coalescence of the financialization of the economy is the re-retailization of it.


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