Resolving Truths

If you don’t have to worry about inflation because you’ve taken rational control of the terminal expression point for all forms of inflation with a high percentage discount/rebate monetary policy at the point of retail sale that beneficially and “miraculously” integrates price deflation into profit making systems, then you can pour as much money into the economy as is needed for everyone to have an upper middle class income and to finance whatever projects are needed for a better, more productive and ecologically sane world.

The paradigm of Debt Only has been in effect for virtually everyone and at every moment for such a long time that it has held the cultural and psychological evolution of mankind back almost from the beginning of civilization. Once this great and vast neurosis is removed and we intelligently and graciously acculturate ourselves to the freedom the new paradigm will effect, mankind will have the opportunity to fulfill its actual species designation of homo sapiens, wise and discerning man.


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