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If the Democrats want to defeat Trumpism they’re going to have to come up with an agenda that is an obvious and full throated improvement not the slow slide toward sefdom that conservative and liberal orthodoxies so suavely and deceptively will guarantee. This leaves out a milk toast compromise that is ineffective, goes nowhere and so solidifies the ongoing process of contention to the point of disintegration we see looming up around us. It requires an actual synthesis/integration of truths, workabilities, applicabilities and the highest ethical considerations of opposing perspectives.

Economic theory mongering is largely a fruitless task. Macro-economics is a relatively young body of knowledge while the current monetary and financial paradigm has not changed for over 5000 years. Hence macro-economics has a very short cultural horizon viz the current monetary paradigm that has never even been objectively examined let alone shed in favor of a new one.

Private financial capitalism is IMO a huge pile of shit. Socialism may not be quite as large a pile being number two of two, but it is equally as orthodox and rigid. If we adhere to the wisdom of dialectical/logical/integrative thinking we’ll be on the right track. Discerning the new monetary and financial paradigm and discovering an integratively universal way to implement it will result in the new economics we all desire.

And that is what Wisdomics-Gracenomics does.

Steve Hummel 11/13/2018


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