Poster To RWER Blog Regarding Policy and Institutions 11/13/2018

An interesting and encouraging post to me as I’m almost the only person here who has advocated specific policies and institutional/corporate changes (ending private finance’s money creating abilities, creating a publicly administered public banking system in its place and a central monetary authority specifically mandated to distribute money/credit for the two policies of a universal dividend and a 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale)

In my many posts about the two policies above to libertarian and conservative blogs I would always get terminally orthodox replies like, “Oh, that’s wage and price controls you idiot. They were never able to comprehend that the policy being implemented only at the precise ending point of the economic process for every consumer item at retail sale meant that it never had anything to do with price discovery or any kind of intrusiveness upon it. I’d get terminally orthodox reactions from liberals about the same policy because they accepted the quantity theory of money and the velocity of it re-circulation even though again retail sale is the terminal expression point for all forms of inflation and a 50% discount at that point would dwarf garden variety inflation and with a few intelligent regulations accompanying the policy even that could be greatly minimized thus miraculously, for the terminally orthodox at least, integrating price deflation painlessly and beneficially into profit making systems for both individual and commercial agents.

Liberals had better awaken to the efficacy of the new monetary, economic and financial paradigm of Gifting before some conservative politician recognizes just how potent and beneficial its policies actually are for everyone…..and then sweeps every liberal out of office with them. Conservative politicians are generally much smarter about grasping and utilizing power than liberals. Maybe liberals can wake up and die right for once. It would also certainly make the probability of the progressive cultural agenda much more likely.


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