The entire problem with economic theory and everything else is it is stuck in duality and lacks a concept and means of the resolution of duality. Duality as ultimate reality is delusion, and anything that enforces dualities enforces conflict and non-resolution of problems. A problem itself is a duality defined as emotion/counter emotion, idea/counter idea, force/counter force. As wisdom is the integrative process itself and grace its highest concept of duality integrated to the point of thirdness greater oneness, it is the required concept and formula for the resolution for any problem including the resolution of the currently reigning paradigm for inquiry, i.e. Science Only.  This resolving new paradigm and scientific breakthrough realization that the cosmos itself is one gracefully flowing dynamic, interactive, integrated/integrative whole….that is experienced by us with space and time tossed into it I dub as Gracience.

[ (Science x Wisdom)  —> Gracience ]

[ (Space x Time) —> Grace/Self Awareness/Consciousness Itself ]


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