Tying Money Creation To A Digital Discount/Rebate Policy At Retail Sale…

…achieves paradigm change in economics and money systems. This one realization is all it will take to change everything further for the better.

It is the perfect integration of the best aspects of the agendas of both the left (economic democracy) and the right (prosperity for all agents commercial and individual).

It resolves the two deepest and most chronic problems of modern economies, inflation and scarcity of aggregate individual incomes.

It breaks up the glaringly contradictory, naive,  problematic and ultimately disintegrative monopoly paradigm of private finance for the vehicle and form of money creation known as Debt Only.

It’s elegant and simple but not simplistic because it goes to the heart of our monetary and economic problems.

It’s the answer.

Add to it the policy of a monthly universal dividend and the structural change of a publicly administered national banking system and a central bank/monetary authority mandated to distribute the monies of the dividend and discount/rebate policies and you’ll have vouch safed the future stability of the economy as AI increasingly destroys aggregate demand and enabled functional finance for urgently needed research and innovation on how to produce more with less actual resources and to rapidly off planet production in order to rid ourselves of its wasted energy that is becoming so problematic.

Regulate the economy further by aligning such with the ultimate integrative, underlying and resolving concept behind the new paradigm itself, that is the natural philosophical concept of grace/graciousness, and we’ll have the best integration of the ideal and the pragmatic also known as Wisdom.

Better acculturate self chosen positive and constructive human purpose in addition to employment with a cooperative effort between the helping professions, the clergy, the educational system and the government and you’ll be able to create the first leisure society and turn the page of history from debilitating stress, conflict and unnecessary burden to the creative joys of individual freedom, cooperation and systemic free flowingness.

Paradigm change. It’s sitting there waiting for us all to recognize and progressively seize upon.


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