Posted To RWER Blog 11/1/2018 Regarding The New Paradigm and Paradigm Perception

That I can see, all present theories expressed here fall within the current monetary, financial and economic paradigm of Debt Only and so keep its orthodoxies, complexities and increasingly destabilizing problems in effect.

When the concept of the new paradigm, Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting, is recognized and strategically implemented at the point of retail sale and private profit making finance is additionally recognized as a parasitic and illegitimate business model being both necessary pre-production and increasingly necessary post retail sale….all of the problems of the old paradigm precipitate out, individual and systemic realities are inverted and transformed and every agent benefits.

The new paradigm is elegant and simple but not simplistic because it goes to the heart of our monetary and economic problems, and every paradigm change is absurd for most right up until it’s recognized as the new great truth and resolving methodology. Paradigm perception is the destroyer of theories and 99% of the battle won. It’s time to progressively seize upon it.


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