Posted To RWER Blog 09/19/2018

With the strategically insightful implementation of the policies and regulations of the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting, Direct Distributism will become the economic reality. Then, because we would not have to worry about the effects of unemployment thwarting economic profitability and our rational self interests, we could swiftly re-industrialize in the most productive, efficient and ecologically sane way possible, therefore reducing trade imbalances and withdrawing from the coalescing wet dream of economic and financial globalists unconsciously advocated by the terminally orthodox in both parties and disintegratively pursued by non-planning merchants of chaos/populist idiots like Trump and Bannon. The resulting domestic prosperity, stability and economically clarifying cognition on the new paradigm’s efficacy would undoubtedly stun elites in other countries and elicit demands for similar changes by their citizenry there.

Ah, applying the natural philosophical aspects of grace to economics, anthropology etc. is such a solid path toward a discerning integrative thirdness greater oneness…..that everyone not yet entirely aware of its temporal universe and self actualizing effects….claim they’d like to see.


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