Posted To Ellen Brown’s Public Banking Forum

Me:  Money isn’t the deepest cause of “monetary” inflation. It’s the lack of a better, more prosperous alternative to raising prices by commercial decision makers who must labor within the current system of financially enforced individual income scarcity and hence systemic austerity.

Providing that better alternative for both individual and commercial agents is the solution we’re all desiring.

Can’t we finally see past the fallacious orthodoxy of the quantity theory of money….and start to take good rational, ethical and adult control of the economy????

JD:  Everyone,

The plot thickens. According to a subsequent post by Bonner
13 states are planning to financially secede beginning next year.
There was a Bretton Woods II meeting recently that is
reviewed by a guy who was there.
One way that states will get around the ban on state money is to use
strictly electronic money. Very interesting! Seem possible?

Me:  Don’t be fooled by Bonner who has libertarian-General Equilibrium DNA in his thinking. Their idea of finance is the “free” banking era before the federal reserve which was even more unstable than the FED’s era. It’s inconsistent with actual Public Banking whether on a state or national basis.

The business model of private finance is economically illegitimate because it forces huge additional costs on both the individual and enterpise post retail sale. Retail sale is currently the only actual legitimate ending point for costs and so prices for every good or service, and also for the entire economic/productive process.

We also must not be fooled that a rational and necessary public banking system will be a permanent or uncorruptible reform…unless we recognize that the unimpeachable and resolving natural philosophical concept of monetary grace as in gifting and its integrative paradigm changing policies and regulations….need to be implemented simultaneously with it.


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