Posted To RWER Blog 09/20/2018

 DT:  “I think that Frank is overlooking the overlap between theories and models that can occur in the case of a paradigm, which is a model embodying a theory.”

Me:  Yes, that is a correct and astute observation Dave. Seeing that is what I refer to as paradigm perception. A paradigm is a single concept that fits within the structures of the body of knowledge/area of human endeavor it applies to and yet transforms them in essential ways and so creates an entirely new pattern. It’s the inversion from terra-centrism to helio-centrism and an entirely new viewpoint on the body of knowledge known as cosmology.

As the very process of wisdom is the thoroughgoing consideration of and integration of the truths in a duality/opposite perspectives that yields a unitary thirdness greater oneness of those truths it (wisdom) reflects both the specific and generalized nature of paradigmatic thinking. It’s inductive and deductive thinking integrated which enlightens a single transformative concept. Which is just another way to describe a paradigm which is conceptually singlular and yet applies to and creates a new pattern.


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