New Dividend-Discount Scenario New Socio-economic Contract & Graciously Defined Economy-Society

  1. $3000/mo dividend for life at 18 years of age,
  2. discount/rebate monthly lottery of between 10-50%,
  3. government is graciously sovereign as in lovingly unburdening and not unnecessarily restrictive regarding transfer taxes and yet wise as in parental guidance with taxation for economic vices,
  4. end of private creation of money and beginning of publicly administered money system that does not add costs post retail sale and so violate the actual end of the economic/productive process at that point and is able to be dovetailed into the discount/rebate policy to the additional benefit of individuals and commercial agents
  5. businessman’s social contract-pledge not to inflate in exchange for guaranteed abundance of individual aggregate demand, cost savings from elimination of transfer taxes and large decrease in income taxes and a stabily prosperous and free flowing system, …..and the government is willing and able to follow through on grace as in recognition of the rational and ethical end of patience, with the morality tool of the bully pulpit, taxation for the vice of inflation and expulsion from the discount/rebate policy for chronic non-compliers with the rules.


businessman-you can play hard, but be a sportsman/union leader-you will be allowed to advocate…for both monetary equity and employee duty/entreprenuer-be the laughing buddha/politician-value freedom before power and you’ll end up with more of both and also be rewarded with the respect and self esteem that comes with ethics/Private Finance-services are legitimate…not so for money creation/Public Finance-grace as in Gifting and wisdom as in ecological sanity/citizen-think on these things/students-with reward and knowledge comes responsibility

Ah, grace is such a solid path toward a discerning integrative thirdness greater oneness and the maturity of wisdom and its fruits of prosperity, joy, a generally ego-less sense of humor and a deeper appreciation of the moment and its experiences.


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