A Paradigm Is….

a peculiar thing in that it is:

  1. the identification of a single concept
  2. that simultaneously must also fit seamlessly into the system/area of human endeavor it applies to and
  3. also totally changes that entire pattern.  So it is singlular and plaural in nature….at the same time, and scientifically incisive and wholistically integrative as well.
  4. And finally it is transformational because it broadly changes the old pattern in ways humanity did not see….until they became aware of the new paradigm.

The only thing higher and more “earth shattering” than a new paradigm is a new ethic/zeitgeist because a new ethic/zeitgeist changes not only a single pattern….it changes the minds of everyone….about all of the patterns in their lives.

And generally, it takes someone who just happens to have intellectual curiosities in seemingly oppositional areas, who has learned to be integrative of them and is also intellectually open enough to think creatively….in order to perceive paradigms and zeitgeists.

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