If You Want….

….endless rumination over the problems in economics listen to Steve Keen, Michael Hudson and other heterodox economists who brilliantly and correctly have been doing merely that for most of the last 10 years since the shit hit the fan.

But if you want to know where they have not looked, what of significance they have not  discovered as a result and how the policies that can be crafted in order to actually solve the problems they have so far identified…plus a whole lot more…then listen to me and read the books I am creating.

Better yet, and much, much more importantly and constructively….you’ll then be able to identify THE SINGLE CONCEPT behind not only the new monetary paradigm but that has always been behind every paradigm change and that will eventually result in the even greater and broader human progress known as a change in the ethic/zeitgeist, that is, the new ruling idea that will progress and guide everything in a new age.

If economists and businessmen do not fully align themselves with the new ethic/zeitgeist they will be looked upon in human history as at least the overly cautious and possibly the destructively self interested opponents of humanity and true human progress. This will be the same for any lagging alligiance on the part of scholars in all of the other bodies of knowledge, and most especially for the politicians whose majority votes and executions of policy are the essential end of old paradigms and zeitgeists….and the beginning of the new ones.

New paradigms and ethics/zeitgeists are jealously beatific cognitions and temporal universe realities. They “set before one Life and Death….therefore let us choose Life and life more abundantly.”

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