Grace As In Balance: The Basis For A True Eco-nomics

The title says it all about why we must have not only the new paradigm, but the new ethic/zeitgeist of Grace. A new paradigm in economics is an order of magnitude greater advance than mere economic theories, and Grace as in ecological balance would be the orders of magnitude greater ethic/zeitgeist of total systemic and mindfullness balance.

One asks themself, “How do you get people to think wisely and comply with an ethic/zeitgeist.” The answer is in the question. An ethic is what people consider THE GOOD, and the vast majority of individuals are flawed but basically good so they tend to want to DO the Good. Wisdom is integrative thinking and doing/acting. Grace is the ultimate Wisdom concept and experience. Studying and contemplating grace in all of its aspects is what will enable one to consciously CHOOSE to think and act in a gracious/loving manner and hence embrace the beatific chains of ethics. 

We must acculturate and build institutions that teach the ethic and experience of grace/graciousness so that people can learn to think both integratively and wholistically, concentrically and conentrically at the same time. The more quickly we as a society will be able embrace the beatific chains of ethics.

For me the notation of <~>  or <infinity sign>will now be for gracious thinking, feeling and acting.

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