It’s extremely difficult to define and perceive a new paradigm if one isn’t aware of the current one. Once you know the current one and you know the signatures of new paradigms/paradigm changes it becomes a fairly easy straight forward rational process to conceptualizing and perceiving the new one.

Here are some of the signatures of paradigm changes:

abundance and its increase

increased freedom, free flowingness/the embracing of process and action

increased human survival, knowledge and productivity in the area of the new paradigm

conceptual opposition to the current paradigm

resistance to and the ending of dominance

integration and application of the truths and only the truths in opposing theories or perspectives

integration to the point of thirdness greater oneness

a new discovery/insight/tool, or a re-discovery of same within a formerly abandoned, rejected or unperceived truth

increased directness and immediacy of effect and removal of arbitrary vias or barriers


resolution and focus on solutions rather than palliatives or mere reforms

iconoclasm (iconoclasm is actually a precursor of paradigm change)

the willingness to drop orthodoxy (iconoclasm), brush past logical absurdity with it, endure and even become comfortable with ambiguity and the ability to create, innovate and visualize a newness, a new pattern



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