Posted To RWER Blog 04/22/2018

We appear to be agreeing and yet talking past each other. I’m interested in being as scientific as possible about economics, but I’m even more interested in economics as moral philosophy/wisdom because science like food is wonderful, delightful, necessary and resides entirely within the digestive tract of wisdom.

Now having said that, if an insight into the cosmos and economics like:

1) everything in the temporal universe follows the process of starting, changing and stopping and

2) retail sale is the terminal stopping-ending point of the economic process,

3) the summing point for all costs for every item and service and

4) is also the terminal expression point for all cost and/or price inflation…and

5) a tenet of a science (double entry bookkeeping) like for instance the cost accounting convention that all costs must go into price is being missed by macro-economists…

then realizing and integrating the above, and crafting policy around those insights in a way that benefits all agents will tremendously stabilize, make economic theory and profit making systems much more ethical and so progress them enough to qualify as a paradigm change.

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