The Trickiness of New Paradigms

Truly new paradigms are always attended by new or re-discovered insights, and new tools or innovations of same that increase knowledge, stability, certainty and human survival in the area of human endeavor they apply to. There is no end of history, but increased stability etc is good enough in the temporal universe especially when it is the major progressive event of cognition on a new paradigm.

Paradigm perception is a tricky thing because consciousness itself is tricky, and a new conscious realization is both a component part of, and the operative aspect of REALIZING a new paradigm. This is why cutting edge heterodox economists can separately emphasize an aspect of the new paradigm and even suggest reforms and policies that align with it…but do not recognize the single concept that it is and the entire new pattern it also creates. In this sense they stand looking, but not perceiving. It’s the difference between being aware and being aware….of being aware….which is all the difference in the cosmos.

A study of the signatures and requirements for a new paradigm is much more informing than endless theorizing, epicycle perturbations and racking up a zillion debating points. I highly recommend it.

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