Students! Businessmen! Every Citizen!

How would you like to eliminate poverty because everyone 18 years of age and older was guaranteed $30,000/yr, and much, much more of course if they also found employment?

How would you like to more than double your income with a single policy change?And likewise double your potential sales if you’re a businessman?

How would you students like to be able to go to college and never borrow a cent and so not be burdened with debt for 10-15 years before you can “get on with your life”?

Businessmen, how would you like to eliminate all taxes that both individuals and businesses pay for welfare, unemployment insurance and even virtually eliminate income taxes as well?

Conservatives, how would you like to downsize government by virtually eliminating the bureaucracies for welfare, unemployment, social security and the IRS?

This is no joke, no scam, no phony baloney. It’s what is known as a paradigm change in economics and money systems. It’s simple without being simplistic, elegant without being undecipherable and absolutely effective because it contains insights and policies no other economist or pundit sees.

If you want to understand this new paradigm, make its policies reality and change the the economy and the world for yourself, your family and the nation then go to my Patreon page and the site for my books and let’s start the mass movement that will accomplish all of the above. Thank you.


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