Guys like Steve Keen have brilliant iconoclastic economic minds. I’ve told him that many times. However, no economist or economic pundit except myself has ever been insightful, integrative and creative enough to craft a set of policies that:

  1. immediately more than double everyone’s potential purchasing power and thus more than double the amount of potential sales for every enterprise
  2. eliminates the possibility of systemic inflation
  3. accomplishes what everyone else considered impossible, namely the painless and beneficial integration of price deflation into profit making systems
  4. ends the reign of finance’s monopolistically dominating paradigm of Debt Only and deciphered and replaces it with the new one of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting
  5. enables the macro economy to finally become truly free flowing
  6. completely eliminates the need for transfer taxes, and if the fiat money system’s mechanics are properly understood, the virtual elimination of individual and corporate income taxes as the means of funding governments at all levels as well
  7. and finally has many further “knock on” economic, political, social, psychological and cultural benefits.

So when all of these things become known as people play out and see the temporal universe effects of my policies Keen and every other economist will have egg on their faces for not taking my advice to look directly at the moment to moment activities of commerce, decipher the economic significances of the point of retail sale and while utilizing the tool of double entry bookkeeping craft the above incredibly progressive and beneficial change.

Paradigm perception is everything because it is the ultimate in creative insight and visualization. Mere theorizing and critique of other theories is way down scale by comparison.

You’re all welcome.


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