Calling out Steve Keen

All of the erudition and abstraction showing systemic austerity and postulating the necessity of deficit spending is simply a re-discovery and affirmation of Douglas’ macro-economic A + B theorem that states that in the current “normal” operation of the economy the rate of flow of total costs and so total prices exceeds the rate of flow of total individual incomes simultaneously created and actually available to liquidate those costs/prices. Furthermore deficit spending is merely an indirect and palliative reform when an inversion of that problematic ratio is necessary (inversion of a problematic duality/ratio has always been one of the major signatures of paradigm change). Douglas and his advocates only mistake was in thinking that “the Gap” merely needed filling when it actually needed to become a directly distributed abundance ratio created and governed by equal debits and credits at the point of retail sale throughout the entire economic process. You should have followed through on studying Douglas and his cost accounting and calculus perspective on macro-economics a couple of years ago when I told you he was the first disequilibrium theorist, not Minsky.

Banning me from your various sites and outlets will change neither the above facts and signatures, nor my deeper economic and paradigmatic insights, policy innovations and solutions.

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