Of Paradigm Perception, Lack Thereof and the Guts To Express It

Paradigm perception requires a peculiar and particular set of mental tools. They represent the two major forms of human mental inquiry, science and wisdom. Science is a trinity-mentally fragmenting-process and wisdom is a trinity-unity-wholeness-process. Integrated they make paradigm perception possible, and if one has a full historical and conceptual understanding of what a new paradigm is (a single concept that describes and integrates into an entire new pattern) and what it does (radically advances human thinking and survival) ….it makes new paradigm perception a fairly straight forward rational process.

For instance, all of the leading edge reformers have reflective policies regarding money, are aware of the problematic nature of the private business model of finance and agree there are negative effects to monetary austerity.  However, they haven’t sufficiently integrated this data to perceive the single concept of the new paradigm. They’ve taken it all apart in numerous and repetitive ways…but they don’t see the whole….because they are habituated to the current paradigm of inquiry (Science Only) and so do not include the essential mental tool of wisdom.

They also do not have a particular breakthrough insight/innovation that will enable the new paradigm to rapidly if not immediately become the temporal reality and which new insight/innovation historically always accompanies a new paradigm. For instance the paradigm change of Hunting and Gathering to Agriculture had the innovations of animal husbandry and cultivation of crops, the Copernican paradigm change of Helio-Centrism had the invention of the telescope and the discovery of the ellipse. In the current monetary and economic paradigm change economists do not perceive the economic relevance, significance and effectiveness of tying monetary policy directly and reciprocally to the point of retail sale. Fully understanding this new insight opens one’s mind to the new paradigm because that policy is the very expression of the new paradigm….itself.

Finally, often, even after a new paradigm is perceived, it is not expressed. Usually this is because one’s image as an expert or as a scientist is in danger if it is expressed. Another of the signatures of a new paradigm is that it is conceptually oppositional to the current paradigm and the old paradigm is simultaneously habituated in the minds of both experts and the general populace. Hence it is easy for the orthodox and/or the non-scholarly vast majority to ridicule any new paradigm and its advocates. Hence few express it. And of course the authorities and purveyors of the old paradigm, especially regarding a new monetary paradigm which is the means of freedom and even of survival, can make one’s very life perilous if their monopolistic power and control is questioned. Therefore, declaring a breaking up of that monopoly could be very dangerous.

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