Posted To RWER Blog 03/12/2018

The real problem with healthcare and every other sector of the economy is that theorists think they’re advocating free markets when what they’re actually advocating is financially rigged, chaotic and hence ethically unenforceable “markets”. This is true of both capitalist and democratic socialist theorists. They’re all habituated to and blinded by the imminently parasitical current monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only. Break up that most basic problem and glaringly contradictory monopoly by integrating the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting and its policies and regulations into the economy….and we’ll have real change that will truly benefit all agents instead of “Change You Can believe In” or  3rd rate intellectual populist demagoguery like “Make America Great Again”. Then a truly fair and ethical social contract can be honestly created for the first time, and all of the understandably angry yet reactionary social and political manifestations we’re seeing world wide can fall back into rationality or at least crawl back underneath the rock they came from.

Let’s not forget that insurance comes to us from the rackets. The coercion is simply a little less overt now is all. Also, as Minsky correctly observed “the fundamental vector of capitalism is up” and when a sector like healthcare/medicine is riven with monopoly associations it makes the force of that vector even greater.

And of course the utterly integrated monopoly paradigm of finance is more than happy to contribute to same both from the upper bound of cost and so price and from the entirely missed lower bound of costs/price.

All the more essential that the twin policies of Wisdomics-Giftonomics (universal monthly dividend and 50% retail discount/rebate) be implemented so that the “impossible” , i.e. price deflation be integrated into profit making systems.

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