Posted To The Palmer Report 03/13/2018

I am of course in full agreement with Palmer Report that Trump is the worst president we’ve ever had and is doing nothing but further disintegrating our politics and entire culture. The only way to defeat an enemy whose entire intention is further disintegration….is to integrate truths, workabilities and the highest ethical considerations of apparently opposing perspectives. The best and most urgent way to do this would be to discover and implement a new monetary and economic paradigm. A new paradigm always is a great progressive if not transformational change, and the social contract has been trampled on for well over 35 years resulting in all of the cynicism, dispair, schismatic sentiment, racial tensions and desire for change we see on both sides of the political aisle. If democrats are to defeat both Trump and regressive republicanism they must FINALLY offer genuine and substantial change. In case you didn’t wade past a few recent more philosophical posts on my website here are the two new policies that are the expression of the new monetary and economic paradigm. Their pairing is synergistic so one without the other falls short of the entire paradigmatic effect. The policies are:
1) A universal monthly dividend to everyone 18 years of age and older and
2) a 50% discount to consumers at the point of retail sale that is rebated back to the merchant granting the discount by a monetary authority specifically mandated to so, so that the merchant can be whole on their overheads and profit margins.
These policies would vastly improve economic democracy, immediately end poverty and break up the monopoly credit creation power of Finance’s current paradigm of Debt Only. This would immediately accomplish more of the best aspects of the agendas of both parties than they have been unable to do for almost 100 years by merely obsessively and disintegratively fighting each other.
Democrats need to understand these policies and their attractiveness to large constituencies of partisans of both political parties (students, the poor, everyone who has lost economic and monetary ground for the last 40 years (that alone is a 90% constituency that cuts accross political lines), small to medium sized businesses who could greatly increase their volume of sales with an immediate doubling of everyone’s potential purchasing power due to the discount/rebate policy….and there are other “knock on” benefits too numerous to detail here. Again my blog is and my Patreon page is Please visit and pass the url on. Thank you, and may the nation be united and rejuvenated.

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