Ethics, Refined Ethics: An Essential For Any Human System

If you know that you as a sensitive and aware being are real, then you must also acknowledge that everyone else is the same. This is the human condition. We are aware of right and wrong, i.e. morals and of all of the shades of grey that the complexities of life present to us, i.e. ethics. And it doesn’t matter whether you consider morals and ethics to be transcendental or completely natural. Our awareness of right and wrong  exists.

If you are human you also must accept that there is no such thing, while we are here in the temporal universe, as total freedom. There is only freedom amongst known ethical barriers. This is what I refer to as the beatific chains of ethics because acceptance of that fact not only grounds you personally, it also makes you strong morally.  In other words you grant that there is no acceptance, no tolerating a system or relationship that is anti-socially dominating and manipulative.

The money system is completely controlled in its own self interest by private finance. This in turn enables them to dominate every other business model and probably 96-97% of the general populace.  Private Finance’s paradigm of Debt Only enforces its domination. It also enforces the tawdry and dominating ethic of profit ONLY. The ONLYNESS of these ethic can no longer be tolerated. A truly human and humane economic system considers the individual person and the individual enterprise first, last and always and creates an equitable association between them.

The highest ethic humans can aspire to is Grace-graciousness. You can call it satori, atonement or samadhi it matters not. In the west we call it grace. Grace is the new monetary and economic ethic. Grace as in Gifting. Grace as in sovereign but benevolent power. Grace as in understanding and Wisdom. Grace as in abundance. Grace as in tolerance of others’ opinions. Grace as in the wisdom of discernment of the truths in apparently opposing viewpoints…and the ability to integrate those truths while deleting their separate or mutual untruths, unworkabilities, inapplicabilities and lesser ethical considerations.

Grace is the new monetary and economic ethic and Monetary Gifting is the new monetary and economic paradigm.


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