Posted To RWER Blog 02/08/2018

JK:   The type of manipulation I’ve focused on I often refer to as the “collectivist scheme.” By this I am referring to the efforts certain groups make to improve their purchasing power in the marketplace by arranging for all the members of the group to experience an increase in the number of disposable dollars/pounds/etc. that each will have at hiser disposable.

Prime example: the machination we just saw a Republican Congress execute a short while ago when they legislated big tax cuts for rich people. Another example would be Craig’s gifting idea.

Me:  Supply and Demand models are not valid or reliable ones. The mark up model is much more reliable and a ubiquitously applied discount/rebate policy of sufficient percentage (50% or higher) would make the mark up model reality. The new paradigm would make economic vices, vices instead of shaky macro-economic theory, and economic virtues, virtues instead of financialized legerdemain that makes the economy a process of drawn out drowning rather than a legitimate system of orbital free flow.

After all systems were made for man, not man for systems. Wouldn’t you agree?


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