Posted To RWER Blog 02/11/2018

Me:   It’s correct that perfectionism and absolutism is flawed. Even paradigm changes require regulation and lead on to further discoveries and eventually new changes. The trick is to see the paradigm as the singular concept that along with its logically aligned policies resolves, changes and advances everything in the current pattern beneficially. That is what clarifies, unifies and focuses such change as history testifies to.

Me:  @Rob Reno
“What kind of ethical moment does it take to put a human face in disruption?”

One that recognizes that money is the means of freedom in a monetary economy and that has discovered the singular time and place where the micro-economy integrates and aggregates with the macro-economy for any and all agents….and then initiating monetary policy at that point…and any necessary regulation that aligns with that freeing policy.


Regarding the Post

The Semantics of Mathematical Equilibrium Theory

Me:  With the new paradigm and policies of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting the problem of the continual build up of both government and private debt is resolved by inverting the inherent scarcity ratio of total individual incomes to total costs and so prices. This ratio enforces the systemic necessity to continually borrow in order to prevent recession or worse. Inverting and transforming the ratio to an abundance of individual incomes to costs/prices with a lifelong universal dividend and preventing inflation with a 50% discount/rebate at the point of retail sale where price inflation is terminally expressed and a few aligned regulations to markets…..implements the new paradigm. It’s elegant, simple and insightful…just like every other paradigm change has been when people look at it and actually see it.


Me:  Here are two conceptual mathematical formulas based upon the Fibonacci sequence:

[ (monetary economy + private monopoly on credit creation) = enforced systemic monetary austerity, necessity to continually borrow and ever increasing power of the business model of Finance ]

[ (integration of policies of monetary gifting into digital money system + aligned regulations) = prosperous free flowingness of the new paradigm ]

Paradigms are single transformative concepts that fit seamlessly within a current framework and resolve the current paradigms most “intractable” problems. You can figure-figure-figure on data and theory and never perceive it, and, like now, all cutting edge reformers can suggest piecemeal but philosophically aligned policies to it and still not accomplish the holistic conceptual leap that consciously identifies it.

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