Orthodoxy On Both/All Sides And Its Overcoming With Wisdom

Conservative and Libertarian economic orthodoxy believes general equilibrium theory to be true…even though it is actually thoroughly false. Liberal orthodoxy thinks general equilibrium theory is false, but it has fallen for the current ruling economic orthodoxy of neo-liberalism which is largely “a distinction without a difference” to general equilibrium theory and the merest of a palliative by comparison to Wisdomics-Giftonomics and its new monetary and economic paradigm insights.

In order to actually and fully understand Wisdomics-Giftonomics you have to not only overcome monetary and economic orthodoxy, but scientific orthodoxy which ignores/generally dismisses the role of consciousness and its aspects also known as the holistic mental discipline of Wisdom. This despite the signature of scientific breakthrough being the integration of the scientific method and an aspect or aspects of consciousness like imagination-visualization, intuition, discernment and integration-resolution of opposites (which is the very process of Wisdom itself) etc. etc.

Finally and especially, if in this case you are a theorist and/or reformer in economics, banking and money, you have to overcome the ego laden minefield of having your pet and/or partially true theory/reform being surpassed by larger, broader and deeper concepts like Wisdom and paradigms and their perception….by other thinkers.

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