Why The Point of Retail Sale Is The Most Significant Point in All Economics

#1  It’s the place where the purpose of any modern enterprise is expressed, i.e. a sale.

#2  It is the terminal summing point of all costs for any item or service (with the exceptions of it being a loss leader or an already discounted item all of which are an extremely small number of full retail prices and which the discount-rebate policy applies to at any rate anyway)

#3)  It is hence the single aggregative point and aggregative statistic in the micro-economy.

#4)  Hence it is the single integrative point between the micro and macro economies.

#5)  Hence it is the perfect place to implement the digitally seamless monetary policy of a significant discount to retail prices that is reciprocally rebated back to the merchants who gave the discount to their consumers/customers.

#6)  As the current monopolistic monetary creation paradigm of Debt/Loan Only does not allow any assist for consumption the discount-rebate policy breaks up that paradigm and is hence the new such monetary creation paradigm and its very expression of Individual, Commercial and Systemic Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

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