As Grace is Oneness, Paradigm’s Are Singular, Unifying and Penetrative Concepts and The Point of Retail Sale Is The Single Aggregative and Integrative Point Between the Micro and Macro Economies…

…they all align philosophically, and retail sale is the correct and most significant point to implement policies that reflect such philosophy.

Furthermore, the individual consumes at that exact same point as does the individual commercial agent make their final and hopefully ultimately profitable offer….and if cumulatively not they are failing.

Hence, it is the most vitally important point for the individual, for enterprise and for the system of which the individual and individual enterprise are the component parts.

If the system, for a variety of economically valid and integral reasons, generates as a flow more costs than it generates individual income, then a means of distributing additional incomes without generating further costs must be created as policy. Furthermore, as a mere statistical equilibrium is inadequate for flow in a dynamic temporal system that demands both flow and adherence to the laws of the temporal universe within which it is utterly embedded, then the flow of the ratio of more total costs to total individual incomes….must be inverted and made to be an income abundance ratio instead of one of scarcity. Finally, any policy to accomplish this must be wise enough to make that ratio sufficiently abundant to insure free flowingness to the economy, and also enough that no enterprise  no matter how large and profitable can resist participating in such policy.

And anyone or any entity that balks at having such policy be less than 50% or attempts to “water down” such policy, either consciously or unconsciously prefers the monopoly on credit creation and the paradigm of Debt Only that Finance currently dominates with.

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