Every Cutting Edge Monetary and Economic Research and Reform Movements, and Most of their Policies, Align With Wisdomics-Giftonomics and Its Key Policy

Steve Keen’s Disequilbrium/Minsky Financial Instability Hypothesis is anti-austerity and for ” a modern debt jubilee” which is a one off example of Systemic and Individual Monetary Gifting. He also recognizes Debt Deflation as a reality and has re-discovered that the rate of flow of total debt must continue to rise or the economy goes into a recession or worse. I’m not sure he recognizes that such discovery means Finance’s current monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only means the system requires the new systemic monetary paradigm. He also does not recognize that endogenous private money creation, while being a present systemic truth, is an impossibly unworkable condition and must be changed so that all new credit creation must be by a public exogenous source.

MMT is anti-austerity.  It is also for increased government spending which is a form of, and aligns with Systemic and Individual Monetary Gifting.  It focuses primarily on government debt and government spending so it misses/neglects the larger problem of private debt. Their policy of a job guarantee coupled with many of their adherent’s insistence that a universal dividend is a wrong policy does not align with Systemic and Individual Monetary Gifting and such objection to a dividend must be jettisoned.  This does not mean that a government sponsored job guarantee could not be an aligned policy within the new paradigm. It most certainly could be.

Michael Hudson’s Financial Parasitism theories are correct and align with the necessity of creating and implementing a new monetary and financial paradigm. They also expose the exogenous nature of Private Finance’s monopolistic paradigm and how it dominates and manipulates the entirety of the economy and of the political system as well.

QE For The People, Positive Money and UBI embrace individual monetary gifting, but generally they miss the mark on the means by which it would be financed.


None of the above are fully conscious of the integrative and aggregative point in the economy where monetary policy must be implemented, that is retail sale. Nor are they aware of the policy that only Wisdomics-Giftonomics advocates be implemented at that point, and which in fact is the very expression of the new paradigm itself.

And that is the 50% Retail Sale Discount-Rebate policy. 

Hence all of these reforms/reformers need to align themselves with Wisdomics-Giftonomics because it is fully conscious of the new paradigm, all of its essential policies and the urgent necessity of its implementation/integration into the economy.

A paradigm change positively effects every individual, every economic agent and the entire system. That is its historical and mental nature.

Ego, insistence on palliatives or partial reforms do not align with the new paradigm and are actually unethical acts when an actual solution/new paradigm exists.


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