The Way To Deal With And Resolve Complexity/Complex Problems

Find a stable datum…and craft and align policy around it.

The stable datum in this case is the answer to the question: Where is consumer price inflation terminally summed? Answer:  The point and time of retail sale.

And the policy?  A 50% Discount-Rebate at the point of retail sale.

The North Star and The Point of Retail Sale.

All solutions and new paradigms are simple, elegant and single concepts that both create and fit seamlessly into an entire new pattern.

And no matter how smart you are about the details of mere economics and money systems, if you don’t consciously see the new paradigm and its singular policy expression…you ain’t all that smart after all.

Be smart. Pay attention to a paradigm perceiver first, last and always…because he/she knows the difference between mere economics…and economic Wisdom.


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