Posted To Ellen Brown’s Forum 11/13/2017 Regarding Whether The Breaking Up of The Petro-dollar Will Bring An End To Finance’s Dominance

JM:  Thanks Diana.  Corbett is amazing.  He takes it all in, and he sees the possibilities.  He makes the talking heads look like children in the sandbox.

Folks: be sure to read Corbett’s 5 Things . . .  and see why this is so important.  Hint:  It’s the petrodollar and the possible end of dollar hegemony because the players are too powerful for the banksters to destroy this time.
Could it be the paradigm shift we’ve been hoping for?  Mutual Credit over dept money?  Sovereign money over the banksters?

OS:  Here’s more on that situation…this looks like the end of the petrodollar, which would almost certainly lead to the eventual withering away of the western banking cartel and their transnational corporate empire:

RB:  I don’t buy it. This is how the cartel increases it’s portfolio in the petro-yuan.

Me:  Correct. Nothing short of a thorough change, a thorough balancing of the current dominant monetary paradigm of Debt Only, that is Burden Only, will the power of the cartel be broken up. You have to be able to see past Debt Only, the patterns of Debt Only.


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